Get a handle on things. If your toilet handle is showing signs of wear—be it broken, rusted, loose, or simply outdated—don’t fret. Replacing it is a straightforward process, and the most challenging part may be choosing a replacement. Once you’ve made your selection, the task boils down to removing a nut within the toilet tank and swapping your old handle with a shiny new one. Here’s your go-to guide for effortlessly changing your toilet handle.

**Select the Right Part:**

Begin by identifying the part you need—a toilet trip lever. This includes the external handle and the lift arm inside the tank. Note the handle’s location—front, side, or at an angle—and some replacements are designed for specific mounting positions. Check your toilet’s brand and model number for compatibility, and if in doubt, take the old handle to the store for assistance.

**Prepare Your Space:**

1. Spread a towel on the floor beside the toilet.

2. Gently remove the porcelain tank lid and place it on the towel. Be cautious, as porcelain is fragile.

**Disassemble Inside the Tank:**

1. Inside the tank, locate the metal arm connected to the chain attached to the flush valve or flapper.

2. Remember which hole the chain is hooked to and disconnect it from the lift arm.

**Remove the Old Handle:**

1. Use a crescent wrench to loosen the nut holding the handle.

2. Turn the nut clockwise (right) to loosen it; avoid forcing it to prevent damaging the porcelain.

3. If the nut is stubborn, consider using WD-40.

**Install the New Handle:**

1. Once the nut is removed, pull out the old handle and lever arm.

2. Clean around the handle hole using soap and water.

3. Remove the O-ring and nut from the new handle.

4. Insert the lever arm through the hole, place the rubber washer, and slide the nut back onto the lever arm.

5. Finger-tighten the nut and use a wrench to snug it down carefully.

6. Reconnect the lift chain.

**Final Touches:**

1. Reattach the chain to the same hole as on the old lever arm.

2. Test-flush to ensure proper valve operation.

3. Adjust the chain length if necessary to prevent leaks or incomplete tank drainage.

**Video instructions**

**Happy Flushing!**

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