The cost to paint an apartment in Florida can vary greatly depending on the size of the apartment, the number of rooms being painted, the quality of paint used, and whether you hire professional painters or do it yourself. Here are some estimates:

  • For a small 1-bedroom apartment (500-750 sq ft), expect to pay $500-800 to have it professionally painted using mid-range quality paint.
  • For a medium 2-bedroom apartment (900-1200 sq ft), professional painting costs range from $900-$1500 using mid-range paint.
  • Larger 3-bedroom apartments (1300+ sq ft) typically cost $1500-$2500 to paint professionally.
  • DIY painting can save 50% or more on these costs, but takes more time and effort. Budget $200-300 for paint and supplies for a small apartment, $400-600 for a medium size, and $600-800+ for larger units.
  • Higher-end paint adds $200-500 more to professional job costs. Lower-end economy paint could save $100-200.
  • Add $100-200 more for painting ceilings, which is optional. Walls only is more common.
  • Factors like high ceilings, complex trimwork and many windows/doors can increase painting costs. Simple layouts reduce costs.

So in general, $1000-1500 is a reasonable budget to have a typical 2-bedroom Florida apartment painted by a professional using mid-range materials. Get quotes from contractors to dial in pricing for your specific space.


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